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New prints. New book ;).
First MFA project.
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"Natural" by Patience Lekien
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SketchDump20140810 by PayLe
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Mukar-Athfu by PayLe

Mukar-Athfu: “The Light One”

Inspired by my great grandmother, who also shared the same name. She was known as the light one because of her light complexion. She took leadership of her tribe after the death of her husband, and ruled the tribe until her death. She also hunted with the men and was known for being able to take down elephants. Mukar-Athfu was a queen in the area that is present-day Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Her story is close to parallel with the character depicted above, who is also an ancestor of my main character Levi. Mukar-Athfu’s reign takes place in the early ages of Belgium’s colonization of the Congo.
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Young Musim by PayLe

Speedpaint of my character, Musim. He’s a legendary African warrior, and ancestor of my main character Levi. I’ve been wanting to draw him for a while. And yes, he sports that lion pelt :)

He’s also based off of my grandfather and great grandfather.
On The Run Tour by PayLe
Inspired by Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s most recent tour. This was a quick sketch that I decided to color. It actually started off as a Proud Family scene featuring Beyonce, but it took a drastic turn, lol. Hope you enjoy it.
P.S.- I heard the concert is dope tho, so check it out if you can
IG: plekien
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Jezebel by PayLe

Quick illustration of my character, Jezebel. I really liked the composition.
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[MHL] Beyonce by PayLe
Ruler of the largest and most loyal of kingdoms, nicknamed the Beyhive. She’s considered a deity among her followers and she is respected and feared. She’s taken down and devoured countless empires and has solidified her reign as queen. It’s said she has the abilities of a phoenix, giving her immortality and flames obey her will.
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SketchDump20140720 by PayLe